6th edition ( 2017 ) of the european month of photography luxembourg

6th edition ( 2017 ) of the european month of photography luxembourg

We are actively preparing 2017, the sixth edition of the festival.

With the exhibition of Samuel Gratacap at the Mudam which opened already on February 10th, the “Month of Photography ” is ahead of its normal programming scheduled officially in April; But the framework programs of the institutions do not always allow a harmonization of all dates, especially when one considers that more than 20 institutions or galleries would be required to synchronize their programming. Sorry for this ..
Although a majority of exhibitions will be located again in the capital – mainly at the Mudam ( Museum of contemporary art) , the Casino Forum of Contemporary Art, the MnHA ( National Museum of Art an d History ) and the Cercle-Cité ( exhibition space of the City ) four other cities will play an important role when it comes to photography in Luxembourg: Dudelange, Clervaux and a newcomer the city of Ettelbruck and its exhibition space CAP Art center

The decision of the Ministry of Culture to install the CNA ( Centre nation de l’audiovisuel ) beginning of the nineties in Dudelange, about 20 minutes from the capital made of this institution a major player in photography. Is close to the Art Center of the city Nei Liicht Gallery with its director Danièle Igniti, who started curating contemporary photography back in the eighties.

Clervaux – where Steichen’s “The Family of Man” exhibition is on permanent show – will support new initiatives in the field of contemporary photography through the towns association “Clervaux, Cité de l’Image”.

All – or almost all – the institutions of the capital will participate again at the festival: Art Center Neumunster, Art Center Carré-Rotondes, the national Archives or the National Library, Luca ( Luxembourg Center for architecture ).

The well known private galleries Clairefontaine and Lucien Schweitzer will side with the newcomer WildProject Art gallery. Unfortunately Nosbaum & amp; Reding will be prevented to participate this time due to changes of its premises.
Banks like the Banque de Luxemburg or Deutsche Bank will most probably participate as well. They did so in the past.

Last but not least we have to mention the collector of contemporary photography Arendt & amp; Medernach who provides important support to our initiatives including the creation of the Arendt & Medernach award for the European Month of Photography. At the award ceremony in 2015, the jury – composed of curators of the eight European capitals – honored Tatiana Lecomte, a French living in Vienna, winner of the price. The short list for 2017 is about to be published.